Automation by GateWORX

Getting your gate to open and close by a push of a button is the whole idea. Our automation equipment is available for the standard residential gate and up to the frequent used commercial application wether it is sliding or swinging.
An Intercom unit is the easiest way to control who access your property, a wide range of solutions is available to suit your requirements from audio only to live video. While all gate openers can be manually operated in case of a power cut, a battery back up is available.
Controlling your gate opener can be done in many ways depending on the security level you require, this includes the standard known options such as a Remote control, Intercom and Keypad through to your Mobile phone, Swipe card/tag or Ground-loop and even a Biometric station for a very high level of security. Any of these may be combined in endless configurations. Simplifying your life is the objective and to achieve that we can offer to ingrate many of your existing remote controls (i.e. Alarm, Garage doors, etc.) into one!
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